IVAs – new figures out next month

Next month, the Insolvency Service will publish its latest figures, revealing how many new insolvency cases began in the third quarter of 2010.

The term ‘insolvencies’, of course, doesn’t just apply to IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements).

It applies to bankruptcies, IVAs, Protected Trust Deeds and DROs (Debt Relief Orders), since the Insolvency Service provides statistics for all four of the countries in the UK: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Debt Collectors Target Dubai Expats For Overseas Debts

From a Debt Collection point of view, a Debt is owed anywhere in the World, wheresoevers it has developed. Just because a Debtor moves Country doesnt remove the obligation for the Debt.

Action can be taken in Court and in most of the Countries and Assets of the Debtor no matter where they are can be taken although often a further carry through in the Country where the Assets are might be required . Even so, the legalities of the outgrowth in the UAE are not 100% clear. You require a Court order to do simply about each and everything in the UAE, admitting trailing Debt received in a Foreign country.

A Court judgment in the Country of beginning of the Debt is not enforceable automatically in the UAE unless there is a bi-lateral inverse treaty allowing exactly that. If there is no such treaty then you should essentially require to litigate from mark in the UAE and bestow a claim for costless debt. The UAE Courts should have jurisdiction just by the virtue of the fact that the Debtor is occupant here.

Debt Settlement – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying For It

If you have done enough research on the various options available for people to settle their debts, you would know that typically there are three options that they can choose from. The first one is credit counseling program, second is debt settlement, and the last one is filing for bankruptcy. Of all the three options, debt settlement is the most popular choice among those who want to get rid of their debts. However, this option might only work for some, and not for others. This article would show you the advantages and disadvantages of this method.


1. Debtor only needs to pay creditor a small amount from what the debtor actually owes. Usually, the saving is around 40 to 60 percent from the total outstanding amount.

Getting an Auto Loan After Declaring Bankruptcy

Getting an auto loan after declaring bankruptcy can be a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean you should hide from it. You are trying to start over and make a new life, and so it’s important that you charge forward and make that new life work. If you need a new vehicle this can just be an opportunity for you to work on building up a positive payment history on your credit report, in order to try and rebuild your credit history.

Of course, you need to make sure before you even decide to move forward, that you have a budget made out and that you know exactly what you can afford for a monthly payment. Making any late payments, or missing any, is simply not something you can afford to do now. You need to make sure that you have no negative marks on your credit from now on if you’re going to take advantage of this new opportunity.

With that in mind, how do we go about getting an auto loan after declaring bankruptcy? You try to make your application look as appealing as possible to the lender in all other areas, to try and offset that big black mark on your credit report. So, first of all, you need to have a good income that says that you can afford your monthly payment. You also need to get a copy of your report and make sure that all of your past debts have been marked as included in bankruptcy, so that it doesn’t look to lenders like you not only have that black mark, but are also still in debt.

Can we trade efficiently from Forex brokers’ mobile apps

New technology always brings newer and different ways of operating tasks we have historically got used to. For instance, in our everyday lives mobile phones are used more widely now than the historical land line. The same applies to Forex brokers. For years people have undertook Forex trading activities on PC based platforms but it seems that in the recent years, the introduction of smart phones has introduced Forex broker apps that enable users to operate their trading in the same manner but on a mobile device.

In terms of functionality, majority of Forex brokers’ apps do work quite well. They do not have a 100% replicated platform that enables traders to operate in the same manner as they would if they were on a computer. Instead, they provide the user with limited and at the same time -major’ functionality such as buying, selling, debit, credit, indicator set-up and so on. With this limited functionality, Forex trading apps may be slightly missing the point.

The reason why Forex trading with Forex brokers is easy on the PC screen is because of the room you have to view multiple charts, the full extent of functionality use and other resources that generally help traders to manage their trading account efficiently. This is not translated with mobile phone applications.

The Banking Sector in the UAE

The global economic crisis in 2008 had a great impact on the U.A.E. Several banks reported that there were high non-performing loans from 2009 to 2011. Thankfully, the economy recovered well and quickly after the financial meltdown. The reason that the U.A.E. could recover so quickly, was because they immediately set up an additional liquidity facility of around 14 billion dollars, which was available to the banks should they need it, but was luckily not really used. This crucial move stabilized the banks, and prevented further repercussions from the financial crisis. With the proactive steps taken by the government, as well as the blessing of natural crude oil, the economy of the U.A.E was able to bounce back quite effortlessly from what seemed like complete bankruptcy to most people.

There are around 23 local banks in the U.A.E., as well as 28 foreign banks operating there. These banks also have special Islamic banking, which has become increasingly famous in recent years. There are different kinds of accounts available, and foreigners have the option of opening their bank accounts either in the local currency, or in a foreign currency. Almost all the banks in the U.A.E. allow their customers to avail of personal Internet banking. The country in general is technologically savvy, and almost everything can be done over the web. Apart form this, all banks have ATM facilities, and customers of one bank can use the ATM of another bank. There is also a number of business banking facilities available to the large number of businessmen in the country. Current account holders can make cheque payments for all of their day-to-day expenses. Based on the credit of the account holder, overdraft facilities are also available to current account holders.

Whether you having personal or corporate banking needs, the banks in the U.A.E. are more than capable of helping you reach your goals. Even though they did meet with a slight set back due to the financial crisis, they have showed great power in being able to recover so fast, when most of the world is still reeling from the aftermath of the economic meltdown. The Central Bank of the U.A.E. has laid down several guidelines in 2011 to regulate loans and other banking services offered to individuals in an attempt to control all the banking to ensure stability. The export of oil from the entire gulf region has doubled since the year 2009. They exports have now reached 1 trillion Dollars. It is expected that by 2020, the figure will reach 2 trillion Dollars. With such promising figures, it is evident that the banking sector in the U.A.E. is really very strong.

Making Accounting Vocabulary Part Of Your Every Day Life

An accounting package is for communication and maintaining your financial records. The package produces information that tells specific things about the company. An accounting package provides the information regarding the finances of the business at the owners fingertips. The software should include accounts receivable, accounts payable, order entry, inventory control, cost accounting, payroll and fixed assets accounting. The general ledger should show transactions in four different categories. These categories include the account assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
The type of information needed from an accounting software program should be accurate, fulfill managements needs and be easy to use. As well as accuracy, relevancy and simplicity an accounting system should be set up so that it does not require an inordinate amount of time to maintain. The accounting system should be easy enough to understand so that a CPA is not required to operate it or interpret its output. Many small business owners are going to QuickBooks, as this is a relatively easy system to use. This software is very user friendly. Files can be transferred easily and the reports are easy to read. QuickBooks is one of many options offered. You should select the accounting package that best suits your business needs.

It is best to make sure that whoever is going to be running your accounting system has some knowledge of computers and accounting. Even though QuickBooks and other accounting software can be very user friendly, theperson running it will still need a certain amount of accounting knowledge. It might even be beneficial for the person running the accounting system to take a class or two in basic Accounting at your local community college.

If you are just starting your business and are looking at different software packages to purchase, many offer a 30 day trial or a demo version so that you can see what will work best for you.